World’s coolest yachts: Biscuits Cantreau 2


We ask top sailors and marine industry gurus to choose the coolest and most innovative yachts of our times. Vincent Laurent Prevost nominates Biscuits Cantreau 2

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Biscuits Cantreau 2 was a Formula 40 trimaran designed for Jean Le Cam in 1987. “Formula 40 was a class born in France with a very simple rule for multihulls for offshore racing,” explains Laurent Prevost. “The boat had to be 40ft long, about 40ft wide, the mast height was 21m, with a sail area of 90m2, and weigh 2.3 tonnes minimum.

“In 1986 the majority of the fleet were catamarans, but we started with a trimaran. For 1987 we sat down with a blank sheet of paper. The challenge was to be at the minimum weight with a trimaran. We wanted to go for a trimaran which sailed like a catamaran, flying a hull. That was really something very new. Most trimarans sailed on the main hull, with floats to balance the boat for transverse stability. We had the crew on the windward float, three rudders, and aimed to sail flying a hull. She was faster than all the catamaran fleet, and beat them all.

“This was really the starting point of the new generation of trimarans for ocean crossings.”

Future generations of VPLP-designed trimarans included Pierre 1er and Spindrift 2 (ex-Maxi Banque Populaire V).

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World’s coolest yachts: Biscuits Cantreau 2 YAW282.coolest yachts.gpgd46 BB Yacht Charter Marbella

Biscuits Cantreau 2 stats rating

Top speed: 28 knots
LOA: 12.18m/39.9ft
Launched: 1987
Berths: 2-4
Price (equivalent today): €800,000
Adrenalin factor: 85%

Vincent Laurent Prevost

Vincent Laurent Prevost co-founded VPLP yacht design in 1983, together with Marc Van Peteghem, which was responsible for decades of the world’s most innovative designs, including IMOCA 60s, Lagoon cruising cats, ORMA trimarans, the USA 17 America’s Cup trimaran, and many more. He is currently working on wing-assisted shipping designs.

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