Top 5 Super Yachts

We selected Top 5 Super Yachts that only billionaires can afford. If you are crazy rich, well you can buy some crazy things. Welcome to bbyachtcharter.com the place where future billionaires come to get inspired.

Top 5 Super Yachts that only billionaires can afford.


We are looking at private yachts that are so luxurious and expensive that millionaires can only dream of owning them. When we talk about the playthings of the billionaire’s of this world, luxury yachts are almost always in the conversation, it seems that billionaires are constantly trying to build bigger and better vessels with more luxurious features than those of the ones owned by their fellow billionaires.

Here are the top 5 Super Yachts

The first luxury yachts emerge at the beginning of the 20th century when wealthy people first started building large vessels for their personal pleasure.

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Top 5 Super Yachts

It’s time to make closer look at how the wealthiest of this world travel on the open seas with these 5 Super Yachts, that only billionaires can afford.

On the modern yachts, features such as swimming pools, helipads, gymnasiums, spas, movie theatres, Jacuzzis and luxury staterooms all come standard but every billionaire puts their own personal touch on these expensive toys. Many yachts spend their time in the Mediterranean Sea in the summer and the Caribbean Sea in the winter.

Al Lusail - SuperYacht

Al Lusail Super Yacht

Al Lusail is a massive super yacht owned by Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, emir of Qatar. Yacht has a very interesting architectural design with a large wave-like pattern. Al Lusail features numerous amenities including swimming pools, a movie theater, a Beach Club and a helicopter landing pad. It is estimated to have cost 300 million dollars to build.

The 123 m superyacht Al Lusail was launched by Lürssen at their yard near Bremen. The yacht’s exterior is the design work of H2 Yacht Design. March & White was selected by the owner to create the custom interior.

Length: 123 m
Launched: 2016
Draft: 5.5 m
Owner: Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani
Speed: 15 knots (28 km/h)
Builder: Lürssen

Top 5 Super Yachts

Sailing Yacht A - SuperYacht

Sailing Yacht A Super Yacht

This boat is called Sailing yacht A and is owned by the Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko and is worth 500 million dollars. It is the largest privately owned sail yacht in the world. For propulsion it uses an internal hybrid power plant that is assisted by a three mast carbon fiber sail. The vessel also features an underwater observation pod, so it is possible to see underwater life as the ship sails by. It also has a helipad, an indoor gym, a jacuzzi on deck and accommodates 74 passengers.

Sailing Yacht A is a sailing yacht launched in 2015. The vessel is a sail-assisted motor yacht designed by Philippe Starck and built by Nobiskrug in Kiel, Germany for the Russian billionaire industrialist and philanthropist Andrey Melnichenko.

Length: 143 m
Owner: Andrey Melnichenko
Height: ~100.00 m (328.1 ft)
Speed: Cruising: 16 knots (30 km/h); Top: 21 knots (39 km/h)
Crew: 54
Yard number: 787

Top 5 Super Yachts

Black Pearl - SuperYacht

The Black Pearl Super Yacht

The Black Pearl is a sail assisted super yacht owned by Russian billionaire. It’s design may have been inspired from the ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean. It is one of the most innovative the yachts ever built and uses a combination of wind power, solar power and engine power for propulsion. It is capable of transatlantic travel without even using its motor engines. Apparently it cost 200 million dollars to build.

Black Pearl is a sailing yacht launched in 2016, which is 106.7 meters in length. It has three DynaRig masts supporting a sail area of 2,900 square meters. The yacht was known during its build process originally as Oceanco Y712 and thereafter as “Project Solar”.

Length: 107 m
Launched: 2016
Owner: Oleg Burlakov
Sail plan: 2,900 m2 (31,215 sq ft) DynaRig
Speed: 30 knots (56 km/h) (Max sail speed)
Yard number: Y712

Top 5 Super Yachts

Eclipse - SuperYacht

Eclipse Super Yacht

The Eclipse is the second-biggest superyacht in the world owned by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Eclipse features a hybrid electric diesel engine and accommodates a crew of 92 people. It costs 500 million dollars to build and has an upkeep of around 30 million per year.

M/Y Eclipse is a superyacht built by Blohm+Voss of Hamburg, Germany. Her exterior and interior were designed by Terence Disdale. The yacht was delivered to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich on 9 December 2010.

Length: 164 m
Owner: Roman Abramovich
Boats & landing craft carried: 1 mini-submarine, 3 landing boats
Cost: $500 million (as of September 2011)
Crew: 70 crew members
Speed: 40.74 km/h (22.00 kn)

Top 5 Super Yachts

Yas Swift 135 - SuperYacht

Yas Swift 135 Super Yacht

This has to be the most futuristic yachts ever built. The Yas Swift 135 is owned by Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He is a politician and royal from Dubai. Yacht has an interesting design which is actually based off a former Dutch Navy frigate turned into a superyacht. Inside you’ll find a swimming pool, a boat garage, an elevator and room accommodations for up to 61 guests. It is not known how much this yacht cost to build.

Yas is a private superyacht rebuilt by ADMShipyards of Abu Dhabi, launched in 2011 and delivered in 2015. At 141 metres in length she is one of the largest motor yachts in the world. Named Swift141 during development, Yas is based on the hull of a former navy frigate.

Length: 135 m
Construction started: April 28, 1977
Launched: 2011
Speed: 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph) cruise; 30 knots (56 km/h; 35 mph) maximum
Place built: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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