Which is a better place to visit: Ibiza, Spain or Cannes, France?

Ibiza, Spain or Cannes, France?

Which is a more fun place to visit: Ibiza, Spain or Cannes, France?

Where to go for better fun: Ibiza, Spain or Cannes, France?

Ibiza, Spain or Cannes, France?

Well, It seems most people who responded below here have not been to Ibiza lately…

By far Ibiza, and I am going to leave the party scene aside which is 1000 times better and more upscale than Cannes, Ibiza has much better high end restaurants (in the last 3 years many top restaurants have opened and offer the best fish, meat, paellas, sushi, pastas, cabaret, you name it…) way more amazing beaches and paradise coves, excellent and quiet country side, sunset scenes and all of this in within 20min driving or max 30m sailing time from the main port of Ibiza.

Just 25m by ferry or on private boat, you have the “Caribbean” of the Mediterranean, which is the Island of Formentera… Just pure paradise with the best beach restaurants in Europe and a harmony and energy that you will feel you’re in another continent!

Ibiza has the best beach clubs in the world and are most situated in white sand beaches with turquoise waters… Forget this in Cannes, the beach is just horrible. Nobody swims there comfortably unless you take the yacht to the island across, which then is super nice.

in Ibiza, If you go to the nice areas and places, you will not even find one low level tourist… In fact, Ibiza has grown to a level that more and more these type of tourism are narrowed in one small town of the island called San Antonio, where you’ll never probably go as there is too much to see around.

Cannes is a great spot for 3 days where you can enjoy your time but it has become over crowded and too small for the amount of people, specially in the summer, where lower quality tourism inevitably mingles with the higher end. You’ll have some nice dinner, walk around La Croissette, the castle, and then go somewhere outside Cannes for other activities. Unless you are there during some event, or on a yacht, I would much rather be in Ibiza.

Joan Rivers, Founder & CEO at World Yacht Group

If it were me, I’d choose Cannes. Though I’ve not been to Ibiza, my understanding is that it’s a small place that’s little more than a beach resort populated by yobbish British tourists. In contrast, Cannes is a top-end resort attached to the rest of its nation. This means that if you don’t want to be sitting on a beach there are plenty of accessible alternatives, whether cultural or something else. On Ibiza, to get anywhere you need to board a plane or a ferry. You’ll be able to get good food in both places and you can have a fun time in both places but Cannes has more variety and a better class of holidaymaker.

Charles Stuart, Have travelled within the EU, the US & Canada.

Ibiza is a wonderful place to have fun. Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands. It is a tourist place to enjoy with the family. Night market and night clubs are famous in Ibiza. The Food is amazing, I love the dishes.

David Haye, lived in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK

What is the gathering scene in Ibiza?

It is place where Justin Bieber was smacked in the face by that person who plays Legolas, during the high hours of the night in one club. In the event that that arbitrary episode isn’t characteristic of the gathering scene I don’t have the foggiest idea what is.

Ibiza is most likely among the gathering capitals of the world if not the capital. All her economy depends on party business, the Spanish traveler industry transformed it into the national focus of celebrating, being Spain the 2 nation with the biggest vacationer industry on earth that makes Ibiza fundamentally the gathering capital of the world.

The island is loaded with extravagant lavish boats having insane gatherings in the Mediterranean, extravagant sumptuous houses having insane gatherings with rich folks, and extravagant rich clubs with well known rich individuals and DJs like David Getta, Martin Garrix or Avici (not any longer unfortunately) in them. To be reasonable the island is wonderful and amazing, it has the normal Mediterranean climate, in addition to it has a customary Spanish dish that I like a ton. Be that as it may, it’s fundamentally taken over by the gathering industry, acclaimed individuals and vacationers.

Lucas Villar, lives in Madrid, Spain

It seems that Ibiza has gone from a gay Mecca to a party town for all. As I recall, gay bars and clubs were pretty rank in the mid-80s..anything goes kind of places like you used to find south of Market Street in San Francisco. I have been to Barcelona many times but only once to Ibiza. If you are under 30 and like to party all night, Ibiza is likely the place for you.

Chris Huffman
What is the party scene in Ibiza?

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