Breath-taking coloured beaches for your next luxury yacht charter

Breath-taking coloured beaches for your next luxury yacht charter

Breath-taking coloured beaches for your next luxury yacht charter. Add a surprise to your next luxury yacht charter with one of these 10 incredible coloured sand beaches.

Coloured beaches for your next luxury yacht charter

Yacht Ocean View is ready to take you to the world’s best beaches – Best Coloured sand beaches

Whether you’re chartering with young children or planning to propose, a colour sand beach is a memorable addition to your time together. There are volcanic black sand beaches in both hemispheres, pink sand beaches in the tropics and sands as white as snow for an afternoon in paradise followed by drinks and dancing after dark. Wake up to some of the world’s most stunning locations on your luxury yacht charter with the list below.

Reynisfjara Beach – Iceland

Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland. Photo by Rostyslav Savchyn

You’ll be constantly astounded with the natural beauty of Iceland – now that there’s a range of explorer yachts of all sizes available in Northern Europe throughout the year, Iceland is more accessible than ever for private charter groups.

The arches, stacks and black sands of the volcanic Reynisfjara Beach are so attention-grabbing that this part of the coast was a filming location for Star Wars and Game of Thrones. The dramatic contrasts and tumbling waves are a treat for artists and photographers who can appreciate the raw power of nature from the safety of the shores. After, the group can take the trails to the nearby lighthouse, or head to Hjörleifshöfði Cave for another incredible natural spectacle.

Red Beach – Santorini, Greece

Red Beach, Santorini. Photo credit Ronak Mokashi / coloured beaches

The Eastern Mediterranean is a year-round destination for its wonderfully warm and dry weather coupled with crystal clear seas and countless beaches, of which Red Beach on Santorini is one of the more popular. The vibrant red sands and dark volcanic rocks at Akrotiri make an impressive backdrop to an alfresco dinner and dinner at sunset, and when your accommodation and transport is so close, you can arrive before the crowds to see the cliffs up close and have the snorkelling sites all to yourselves.

Pantai Merah – Komodo, Indonesia

Pantai Merah, Komodo / Coloured beaches

Pantai Merah is a unique pink sand beach within the Komodo National Park that is coloured by particles of red reef coral. Not only is this a choice destination for sunbathing and beach games, the clear water is ideal for all ages to swim and snorkel with lively fish of all shapes, colours and sizes – a great addition to round out a tour of the national park and watch the sunset.

Hyams Beach – NSW, Australia

Hyams Beach, NSW. Photo credit Silas Baisch / Coloured beaches

Hyams Beach is considered to have the world’s whitest sand, lapped by turquoise blue waters where penguins, seals and dolphins often play, and humpback whales can be sighted as they migrate. Kayak, fish and snorkel on the shallows or Scuba dive around the reef at a maximum depth of 8m/26.2ft – a great site for beginners and those looking to gain more experience. The Hyams Beach Trail is also known as the ‘bird spotters’ walk’ and visitors might want to keep their camera handy to capture the vivid eastern and crimson rosellas. Aboriginal rangers and Booderee National Park can give in-depth guided tours that will heighten your appreciation for this unique environment.

Diamond Beach – Iceland

Diamond Beach. Agnieszka M/ Coloured beaches

Diamond Beach (or Breidamerkursandur in Icelandic) rests beside the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon on the cusp of the majestic Vatnajökull National Park, and is so-named because of the brilliant white chunks of ice that wash onto the volcanic black sands. These crystalline ‘boulders’ come from the nearby Breidamerkurjokull Glacier – another impressive attraction with blue-tinted ice caves that glow in natural light.

Diamond Beach is the most popular in Iceland, so take advantage of your luxury yacht to stay warm and be one of the first to arrive and the last to leave to see the incredible colours reflected in the ice at different times of the day.

Rangiora Atoll – French Polynesia

French Polynesia Beach / Coloured beaches

Make your choice out of 240 islets to find your perfect untouched white sand beach within the Rangiora Atoll. The beaches vary from gentle lapping waves to crashing arcs ideal for kite surfers, windsurfers and other adrenaline seekers. Dolphins, sharks and whales can all be sighted around this, the world’s second largest atoll, and visitors can snorkel with the rays for a memorable up-close experience.

French Polynesia is also a top Scuba diving and snorkelling destination and the group can spend many an hour gliding past the vastly diverse flora and fauna on drift dives, wreck dives and more. Some of the most popular dives are the Tiputa Pass, Avatoru Pass, Blue Lagoon, and the pink sands of ‘Les Sables Roses’.

Your crew can bring ashore the barbeque and bar for dining and refreshments at sunset, followed by a night of partying under the stars.

Balos – Crete, Greece

Balos Lagoon, Greece / Coloured beaches

The island of Balos with its picture-perfect white sands and brilliant blue seas are the reason so many choose Greece for a yacht charter throughout the year. The shallow waters are great for families with young children, and snorkelers can take to the deeper cooler waters to watch a variety of colourful fish waft in and out of unique flora. You’ll be sharing the area with Eleonora falcons, shags and cormorants that nest in the nearby caves, as well as loggerhead turtles and monk seals.

Harbour Island – Bahamas

Pink sand beach of the Bahamas / Coloured beaches

You don’t have to be on a honeymoon to appreciate the vibrant pink sand beaches of Harbour Island as they disappear into topaz seas. Let the soft sands take on your footprints as you wander in peace. This enchanting environment also boasts plenty of white sand beaches spread across Eleuthera as well, and luxury yacht groups will have no trouble finding a secluded spot for beach parties and hours of fun on the water toys.

Ramla Bay – Goco, Malta

Ramla Bay / Coloured beaches

The russet-golden sands of Ramla Bay on Malta make this an outstanding natural attraction to accompany the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and seven tentative sites. Have breakfast and spend the morning soaking up the sunshine or playing along the shores, then roam along the trails to the nearby Calypso Cave. If there are too many people at Ramla Bay, San Blas is just a short cruise around the corner and has the same eye-catching colours in the sand.

Muriwai Beach – New Zealand

Muriwai Beach. Photo credit Aaron Birch / Coloured beaches

There are a couple black sand beaches along the western coast of New Zealand’s North Island but Muriwai Beach is special because of its huge gannet colony. Guests can get up close to these beautiful birds from August until March via the viewing platforms, and the stacks and grotto viewed from the coastal walk are also picture perfect.

Muriwai Beach often has excellent wind and wave conditions for surfing but visitors don’t have to dip a toe into the water for a surge of adrenaline: Hire a blokart to sail along the sands, get out your beach toys or just lie back and relax with the warming grains shifting between your fingers.

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